Residential Automation and Control for Audio, Video, Lighting, Shading, Security and Building Control

Vidkey’s Quality Process:


Initial Interview

Since most every residence is unique at this level, each project is handled with personal guidance and sensitivity to client needs. Our background can suggest systems that allow the full advantages of the most current technology without burdening the homeowner with “techie” interfaces. Our individually programmed systems and interfaces are crafted after an extensive interview process that tailors the interface to its most simple and intuitive outcome.

Preliminary Design and Budget
Through our work over the years on hundreds of projects we have the expertise and skills to coordinate with your team of Architects, Interior Designers, Electrical, HVAC and Mechanical contractor, Security Installers, Pool Designers, and Front Gate Services. We have previous working designs to suggest to the group for direct solutions. Vidkey can also assist or lead review meetings to develop solutions for new unique home elements not previously developed elsewhere.

After the preliminary initial design, we will produce a working budget for client review. This document provides choices that reflect the overall budget available as well as appropriately fitting the needs of the homeowner and family. Often technology is placed in a home that has some current novelty but does not align with the specific or long-term family needs. Throughout our interviews with family members we seek to understand what those needs are and install devices that will find utility every day. Through this path we can produce the most financially efficient design that will be used continuously during all of the technology’s life cycle. As technology changes over the years after the initial install, we will be available to suggest changes that align with the client’s current needs. The key is to provide and base infrastructure that allows these changes to occur incrementally and affordably.

Working Design
Once the project is approved, AutoCAD blueprints are created, and the system is fully documented for both the installation and any post-install troubleshooting and repair. All cabling is marked during installation with a unique wire number and the source and destination for accurate identification.

During the programming for the control and interface we will provide the client with sample visual touch screens and button layout choices, voice systems guidance, and interior design elements and color options for selection. Those choices are then incorporated into the final design to perfectly fit the client’s desires.

During the install we will seamlessly coordinate with all trades for sequence of our installation work into the general construction project. We will meet or exceed all local building, electrical and safety codes. Our crews will maintain a clean and safe work area during all phases and are OSHA-30 certified.

Completion and Training
Upon system completion, we will guide the homeowner and family through an initial training session for orientation and use of their new system. Question or difficulties that are identified during this time may result in system programming changes to accommodate the family needs.

20 years of  Crestron automation experience preceded by a 25-year background in Professional Broadcast Television and Sound Engineering allows Vidkey to provide our clients the depth of installation knowledge and breadth of product choices available for today’s premier sophisticated and exclusive residences.